<!-- ****************** NO FRAMES SECTION ******************* --> <CENTER> <TABLE> <TR> <TD><A HREF="wibble.wav"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="txtsquea.gif" ALT="Squeak to me 1" ALIGN="LEFT"></A> <TD><CENTER><FONT SIZE="+6" COLOR="#772222"><B> KV Kage </B></FONT></CENTER><P> <TD><A HREF="squeak.wav"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="txtsque2.gif" ALT="Squeak to me 2" ALIGN="RIGHT"></A> </TR><TR> <TD><A HREF="mandm.htm"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="txtmandm.gif" ALT="The story of Mouse, Mousse and their babies" ALIGN="LEFT"></A> <TD><CENTER><A HREF="comic/index.htm"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="kvkomic.jpg" ALT="The Pig with the 7 Toes - an on-line graphic novella"></A> </CENTER> <TD><A HREF="weekpig.jpg"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="txtpigwk.gif" ALT="Pig of the Week" ALIGN="RIGHT"></A> </TD> </TABLE> <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#AA0000">This is Cavy Kingdom, Guinea-Pig Garden,<BR> Porcellus Paradise</FONT><P><BR><BR> <IMG SRC="shield.jpg" ALT="The proud prize-winner with her shield....."> <IMG SRC="shield2.jpg" ALT="..for best Abyssinian at NCC spring show 1999"><BR> <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#772222">Pie - only 10 weeks old, but best Aby at NCC Spring Show (Oldham May 9th 1999)</FONT><P> <!-- picture of hedgehog retired for time being (11/5/99) <A HREF="frup.wav"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="hedgehog.jpg" ALT="Stroke Hedgehog"></A><P> <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#772222">You can stroke me if you want</FONT><P> --> <A HREF="ggoround.htm"> <IMG SRC="txtggr.gif" ALT="Hop on the Guinea-Go-Round !" BORDER=0> </A><BR> <HR> <CENTER><FONT SIZE="5" COLOR="#772222">More Stuff</FONT></CENTER> <FONT SIZE="+1"> <A HREF="http://w3.ing.unico.it/carlo/cavie.htm"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="gpdd.gif" ALT="GP Daily Digest"></A> Guinea-Pig Daily Digest<BR> <A HREF="http://www.aracnet.com/~seagull/Guineas"><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="seagull.gif"></A><BR> <A HREF="http://www.oginet.com/winking_cavy"> <IMG SRC="winklogo.jpg" width=220 height=50 alt="The Winking Cavy Store" border=0></A> Canny Cavies <A HREF="http://www.oginet.com/Cavies"> <IMG SRC="kvcancan.gif" ALT="Canny Cavies" WIDTH=58 HEIGHT=88 border=0></A><BR> </FONT> <HR> <FONT COLOR="#772222"> <FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#FF00FF"><A HREF="../wcf/index.htm">Harrogate Woodcraft Folk</A> |<A HREF="../index.htm">Clements family Home Page</A> |<A HREF="../crits/index.htm">Creatures</A><P> </CENTER> <!-- ******************END OF NO FRAMES SECTION ******************* -->