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The Acumen Partnership is a virtual company built around the tried and tested relationships of a group of professionals with similar interests, goals and values.

The Partnership seeks to provide excellence in any service it provides and, while aiming for fair recompense for the services of the Partners, puts quality and customer response before profit.

The Partners of the enterprise are tightly linked in terms of their dedication to high ethical standards in the fulfilling of any contract, and in their mutual support and respect. While working as individuals, they complement each others' abilities and skills, and the Partnership is able to put together teams that can cater with most Human Resources issues.

We have partners situated in London and the Home Counties, Southern and West England, Manchester and Cheshire. They can be supplemented by a network of associates, who provide a wide reginal and skill spread.

The Managing Partners:
Peter Peter Pearson: A specialist in career counselling, executive coaching and mentoring, and all aspects of redundancy and outplacement support. A very experienced Personality and Aptitude Tests practitioner, and is qualified and registered with the five top UK test providers - Saville and Holdsworth, Oxford Psychologists Press, ASE (NFER-Nelson), The Psychological Corporation and Psytech.

béatrice Béatrice Levasseur: A skilled translator and interpreter, recognised for her high-quality work with international manufacturing companies and publishing houses. An examiner and moderator of other examiners, for the Oxford & Cambridge Board and the Institute of Linguists.

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