Career Counselling

You have been offered career support as part of the package being given you by your current employers, whom you are leaving perhaps after many years of service. You are now at a cross-roads in your life and need to carefully consider your future, the different options you have, and the best means of achieving them. Experience has shown that this process is greatly assisted with the support of an experienced, and objective, counsellor and job-search professional. That's where we come in...

Our Aim is to help you make the career change you want to, as quickly as possible. We want you to examine your alternatives, make a considered choice - and it must be your choice - and then to work through a carefully constructed programme to make it happen.

The Programme will be designed to your particular needs. So it will start with an initial meeting and discussion, at which you can decide whether you want to go ahead, andf we can design together the format of the programme, and its timing and content, within any constraints either of us have. We would expect it to include elements of the following:

An Evaluation Period during which you will have the opportunity to look at what you are offering a future employer. What are your skills, strengths, values, personality traits that will affect your choice? What are your real options? Should you consider self-employment? In what direction do you want your career to go?
Self-Marketing, in which we will look at how you are going to market yourself and designa plan to achieve your chosen options. We will draw up your CV (you may want more than one), and work with you on how best you can present yourself at an interview.
On-going Support, which will be given to you as you go through the process and encounter the highs and lows of job searching, advising and helkping at every stage of the process and finding the best way forward.

You are about to go on a journey. you probably don't know where you are going to finish up, or even how you are going to get there. We look forward to joining you on that journey, and helping you along the way.