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Wandering Aimlessly Records


Wandering Aimlessly has been going for about two years. It was set up to produce an ambient album using musicians from the area of West Yorkshire around Leeds and the surrounding towns. We wanted artists to produce music in the traditional ambient mode - the way it all began really - lush or minimal, evocative and beatless - not ambient techno or trance but really deep chill. It was our hope that we could persuade enough local musicians, whatever their background, to produce enough tracks of good quality to produce a CD. It took some time: moving the studio, a death in the family, distributors who don't keep their word. But it is here now.


Like to chill Out?

From the wildest regions of West Yorkshire.

From the heart of Leeds, six of the best ambient artists.

A collection of soundscapes.

Mind Out.

Wander around the site and find out.

Go straight to the track page and sample some of the tracks.

Or order the CD and find out what ambient is all about.

The future.

For the moment we are trying to get rid of a bedroom load of albums! If we can simply break even then it means we can pursue further projects without incurring the wrath of our bank managers or partners. Visions of wandering the streets begging, telling anyone who looks interested how ambient music was my ruination.

We may go for a darker more urban/industrial decay album.

We might try collaboration with various folk, jazz, rock local musicians and see whether they can aim for that ambient feel.

We might go international in our quest for the best, spaced out, cosmic, visionary, most deeply chilled music produced on the planet.

Heute die Weldt, morgens das Sonnensystem!


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