The Shetland Islands are north of the British Isles at a latitude of 60 degrees north, the same as Hudson Bay in Canada, but the Gulf Stream makes our climate moderate. Most visitors  come to enjoy the peace and freedom of unspoilt land and seascapes, some of the best bird watching in Europe, sea and loch fishing, and historical sites going back more than 2000 years. Many observant walkers see otters, dolphins or whales.

Whatever brings you here, you will find more than you expect. In the summer we enjoy nearly perpetual daylight ( the simmer dim ). Winter days are shorter and you need to make best use of the 6 or 7 hours daylight.

The weather is changeable, so please bring warm, waterproof clothing and strong boots or shoes, but don't forget some lightweight gear for the warmer days.

Shetland gives you an excellent opportunity to walk freely and enjoy the great variety of ever changing scenery with its many different rock formations and minerals, its marine and land based wildlife, birds and plants.

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Urafirth, Hillswick, Shetland Islands.

Shetland Map detailing Northmavine
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