Hello World! and welcome to my home page.

My name's Andrew (you may have guessed that already!). I hail from Ramsbottom, Lancashire, in the U.K., I am also an accomplished Lager drinker! (just thought you'd like to know). Anyway, once again welcome, please take time to peruse these pages and feel free to e-mail me with any comments you have about this site.

My main interests are drinking lager mouthwash, quaffing large amounts of red wine, listening to music, playing bass guitar, and messing with computers (not necessarily in that order!). For quite a number of years I've played in various bands covering many flavours of music, from Punk to Jazz Funk!
  I currently play in two bands called 'Well Said' and 'Pablo Diablo'.
(To see the page dedicated to 'Well Said' just click on the link to the top left).

The other band 'Pablo Diablo' are a basic four-piece indi-rock band (lead-guitar, rythm-guitar, bass, drums) playing 99% original material. The name of the band being hastily contrived by the singer due to an impending charity gig (we had to stick something on the posters!) and may be changed in the near future as the rest of the band think it's naff! The band's sound has various influences from "Cozy Powell" to "Crowded House" with a mish-mash of styles in between, but the overall style is fairly fresh and unqiue. (Short sound samples will appear in the near future - web space allowing).

I'm also including in my pages a new addition to my family, that is Olivia Sarah, my little bundle of joy - Born April, 1998, (suppose I'll have to include my better half too!, - that's Linda on the left). Follow "The Family" link on the left menu bar.

As I'm a music "nut" I'm going to be including a page with the best links I've found to date concerning anything music related; bands, instruments, etc. If you can recommend any music related links you think are worth a mention, then feel free to e-mail me with them and I can add them to my page, cheers.

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