Hi, my name's Olivia Sarah Moore and I was born in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, U.K. April, 1998.
I'm residing at my parents house at the moment and I'll probably be sticking around there for some time to come. My interests are sleeping, blowing bubbles, bottom-burping and drinking milk (can't stand that yellow soda water stuff my Dad's always drinking!). Anyway, welcome, and please take time to look at the great photo's of me!.......Oh!, and some photo's of my Mum and Dad.

Okay, the first pic is of me (who else!). The bib I've chosen is a nice round-the-shoulder number with a subtle hint printed on the front. This is another pic of me in my Summer outdoor apparel.

This is me scratching the back of my head on my Dad's chin.

Me, Mum and Dad.

Me, Grandad and Grandma Moore.

Want to see some more cute pics?

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