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What do you do?
I don't know, but I know I do it every day

Phil Edwards seems to be quite a common name, even on the Net. I'd like to make it clear that I'm not a surfer, a Unix guru, a French country singer or a pseudonym.

I'm English, with Welsh connections. I was born in 1960, I live in Manchester and I write for magazines. I'm also a libertarian socialist and a former programmer.

I've been writing a biography of Guy Debord since shortly after his death in 1994. A slightly shorter-term commitment was my Ph.D thesis on the Italian radical left, which I began in January 1999 and completed in January 2004 (hurrah!). I expect to be doctored shortly.

I'm a regular contributor to the newsgroups soc.history.what-if and alt.folklore.urban.

Music is a passion of mine. Not classical music, with a few exceptions. I sing folk songs (unaccompanied), but I don't listen to much folk. I can't see the point of heavy metal, and I'm not really into reggae, or rap. Jazz I like the idea of, but I hardly ever hear any.
Don't like much really, do I?

What better use for a Web site than displaying some pictures from my outdated family album? Don't answer that.
My email address is, roughly, amroth at If you want to write to me, watch out for the SPAMTRAP.

And this is me.

Not updated since: 10th June 2004

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