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Hi! and welcome to my Web-Page, enjoy.

My name is Deborah Barnett and my birthday is on the 9th July. I go to the local primary school, where my mum works, it is called St James's.

I play the clarinet, at the moment I have Grade 1 and Grade 2 but am hoping to get Grade 3 soon. I started playing in September 1998.
I have also started playing the Saxophone, and I am doing my Grade 1 in the summer (2001).

My favourite author, at the moment, is Jacqueline Wilson. But I do like the Harry Potter books. I have read all four, and the fourth one twice!!

I think the Millennium Dome is a waste of money. 500 million odd for a plastic tent and it won't even be open for the millennium in 2001!! As you can see I reckon the millennium starts in 2001.

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