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    Hello and welcome to my second and rather pathetic home page!!

I am Matthew Barnett. I live in Wollaston which is near Birmingham, in the U.K. I am still at school, and go to the local school called Ridgewood. I am in my last year. I do have a school email address but don't bother to send anything to me as it probably won't get there. Instead use my home address to mail me.

You can mail me if you want (or if you don't want to).

I have held an Amateur Radio Licence since April 1995. My callsign is 2E1EAW, although I very rarely use it at the moment.

I have been playing the trumpet since about 1994. As of November 2000 I have grade 6.

I am currently a venture at the local scout group, who are of course the best. Although we mostly just go to the pub! They are of course 4th Stourbridge Wollaston St James, they don't have a website yet!

I do quite enjoy riding my bike with friends but don't get much time.

I also enjoy going out with friends .

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