The crest of Opportunity

If ever there was a colony with a history it is Opportunity. Built on the only moon of Forge called Hammer, the colony is one of the earliest in this part of the peripheries. It was for many years a free haven, the Solo system was unknown to the majority living in the peripheries. The few starcaptains who knew of the system would ply trade between Opportunity, the rest of the peripheries, and even the Inner Empire. After the Solo system became more widely known the colony ceased this trade and drew in on itself.

Opportunity Island from the air

Opportunity Island from the air. Hammer is a watery place with over 90% of the surface covered by water. What little land there is is mostly tropical jungle or swamp land. Opportunity Island is one of the many that dot the blue seas of the moon.

Opportunity was infamous for its use of slavery, a condition that half the colony’s population endured. Such a high level of slavery drew the attention of the Detinus Republic. After considerable negotiation they determined that the only way the only way to ensure the freedom of the colony’s slaves was to stage a military take over of the colony. The Republic carefully planned an assault on Opportunity to free the slaves and to establish a democratic government.

With the successful outcome of the DTR action, the colony is now an associate member of the Detinus Republic. The new administration has greatly improved the quality of life in the colony, for its ordinary citizens. The former housing crises have largely been solved and healthcare is no longer the preserve of a privileged few.

The colony of Opportunity from the bay. The island rises steeply from the bay, and the colony clings to its slopes. Much of the building is new to help move the population from the shanty towns in the jungle.

Opportunity from the bay
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