Other Phyla

Other land faunas are mainly characterised by the annelids. Most of the worms have adopted a subterranean lifestyle. Leeches and a few other annelid species are surface living creatures and agressive hunters, some reaching up to 50 cm in size.

One species of cnidaria was seen. A bizarre creature similar in some respects to the Portugese Man O' War. An aerial filter feeder capturing small midge like insects that are common near slow moving water. It reachs neutral bouyancy in the air by inflating it's air bladders with hydrogen, produced by symbiotic bacteria. It is an incredibly graceful sight to watch this creature rise slowly out of a lake in the early morning. They slowly sink again in the evening, since their insect prey are not active at night. They can very quickly release their hydrogen, should it become windy or they are attacked.

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