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P.A.Y.E. Calculator


We sell what we believe to be the best value P.A.Y.E. calculator on the market. Not only will it cope with a plethora of unusual and awkward P.A.Y.E. calculations quickly and accurately (holiday pay, bonuses, etc.), but as standard it can deal with S.S.P., S.M.P. and the special rules for company directors.

Our software is extremely comprehensive (see our feature list), runs under even old versions of MS-DOS, is updated each year with the new regulations, and is available at a surprisingly low price for any PC running Microsoft's DOS or Windows. Once you are used to our software taking the difficulty out of paying your employees through P.A.Y.E., we are sure that you will never want to return to performing the calculations by hand.

2002/2003 Trial Copy

For an easier life and more time on your hands, try a free fully-functional trial copy of our software for the 2002/2003 tax year: just ask us for a copy on 3½" disk (£3.50 inc. VAT, P&P) or save these files:

  1. install.exe
  2. pay.exe
  3. hd.dat
  4. pc.dat
  5. stud.dat

...onto a floppy diskette and run INSTALL.EXE.


A version of our software for the 2003/2004 tax year is available: £44.50 for MS-DOS, £49.50 for Windows, which includes VAT and shipping costs. Both versions include all features.

Yearly Updates

Existing users receive a £10.00 discount when enclosing their cheque with the order for the next year's version. Those taking the offer by download must first register by contacting us; see below for details.

About the Company

Asquith Burton Ltd specialises in helping small businesses by providing a range of professional book-keeping, accountancy and payroll services. In particular, we can do many forms of P.A.Y.E. for you by telephone or FAX at extremely competitive rates, or alternatively we can provide software (above) to make it easy for you to perform P.A.Y.E. calculations yourself. We make a point of being reliable, friendly and approachable towards our clients so, if you wish to ask or tell us anything, please do not hesitate to contact us by any of the means listed below.