Curriculum Vitae

Name:                                            Stuart M Bradbury


Marital Status:                              Married - 2 Children (Aged 25 & 19)

Nationality:                                   British   

Education:                                    GCE 'O' level 10 Subjects

                                                         GCE 'A' level Physics, Chemistry, Math

                                                         ONC Chemistry, Micro Electronics

                                                         B.Sc. Math

                                                         City & Guilds RAE

Career Summary

Positions Held:                            Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst,

                                                       Analyst Programmer, Regional Manager,  Divisional Manager

Hardware:                                     LAN's, WAN's, Modems, Kilostreams, tied line, PSTN, ISDN.

Software:                                      MS Office 95/97, Visual Source-safe, PageMaker, Windows 3.xx/ '95/NT, Sage Accountant, Lotus 123, Crystal Reports, TrueGrid Pro, Rational Rose, VSVBX, MS Exchange

Languages/Tools:                       Visual Basic v.3,4,5 & 6 Ent. (using OLE Servers, ADO, CDO, OOP, ActiveX, DDE, SDK, COM, ODBC, DLL's, OCX's & Win API), Access Basic v1.1 to 7.0, Assembler, SQL, Smartware II, Informix, SSADM4+,RAD, DSDM, Dynamic HTML, PDQComm, CTI.

Address:                                       39 Grosvenor Road, Gee Cross, Hyde, Cheshire.

                                                         SK14 5AB.


  Contact by:                                   Tel: 0161 367 7957 Fax: 0161 367 7933.

Mobile: 0378 035 613  E-Mail:


  Current Project:                          National Grid Sub-Station parameterisation Control System.


Mar 01 1998 – Current

Contracted to design and build (full life-cycle) an application to control on-going parameterisation changes in National Grid sub-stations.


The application handles all changes in hardware, firmware and sofware in both the main Control and bay units at each sub station.


Visual Basic 6 was used as GUI with a middle tier handling all data processing, database transactions and other common processing criteria. Extensive use has been made of Object oriented design COM and DCOM,.


Environment: VB6, Flexible Database connection, NT Servers & Workstations, Windows ’98, LAN, MAPI, OOP, ADO, VSS, RAD Design techniques, and 3-tier project structure.


Printpack (Europe) Ltd

Jan 18 1999 – Feb 26 1999

Contracted to design and build (full life-cycle) a complete Statistical Process Control application for use in Monoweb and Extrusion Lamination Printing - 100% Solids and Slitting Machines.


The application has been designed for a small Local Area Network to provide complete tracking of all process attributes on each machine, both locally and centrally. The application provides a graphical visual indication of the state of each attribute relative to limits required on a real-time basis.


The application handles new orders and products and facilitates the scheduling of each task in the overall process.


Developed as an n tier application with Visual Basic 6, extensive use has been made of Object orientation, the Active Data Object, re-usable code and 6 Sigma Statistical control methods.


Environment: VB6, Access 97, NT Servers & ‘95 Workstations, MAPI, OOP, ADO, VSS, CDO, RAD Design techniques, and n-tier project structure.



Canon (UK) Plc

Sep 06 1998 – Jan 08 1999

Contracted as Project Manager to design and build (full life-cycle) a complete CTI application for use by several call-centres.


The application has been based around an SDX system and Local Area Networks to provide complete tracking of all repair contracts received utilising Computer Telephonic Integration. The application also manages company vehicle maintainance, MOT’s and servicing together with stock, plant & machinary used by call-out engineers and all jobs put out to sub-contractors.


Developed with Visual Basic 6, extensive use has been made of Object oriented n tier design, the Active Data Object and many other objects or classes.


Environment: VB6, Access 97, NT Servers & Workstations, MS Exchange, Windows ’98, Office 97, MAPI, OOP, CDO, VSS, RAD Design techniques, and n-tier project structure.



AAH Meditel - GeHe (Worcs)

July 06 1998 – Sept. 05 1998

Working on enhancements to PharMed project worked on last year (see below) for German pharmaceutical company.


Project: PharMed Central Control application. Design and implement changes to store token transactions for accounting purposes and other items of extra functionality. Tokens are automatically distributed to General Practitioners and Pharmacies monthly, to enable their functionality, after which an automated acknowledgement message is returned containing embedded information. This information is used by reporting and accounting systems. All messages are subject to strong encryption. The application is n tier, strongly object oriented using a MS Sequel Server database.


Environment: VB5, SQL Server 6.5, MS Exchange, CDO, PDQComm, Access 7, Kermit, Unix, NT 4, Windows ’95, HTML, OOP, VSS, RDO, ODBC, RAD, and n-tier project structure.



BASF plc - (Cheshire)

Dec 08 1997 – July 03 1998

Working for this international chemicals company in a problem solving role during the changeover to SAP R4. Main tasks have included redesign of applications which failed on the changes, ensuring applications were Y2K compliant, and constructing a barcode reading system which, after processing, transmitted data automatically from each distribution centre to HO using internet connections.


Environment: SAP, VB5, PDQComm, MSAccess 2/7, Kermit, Windows ’95/NT, HTML, OOP, RDO, ODBC, PowerGen, Crystal Reports, Systel AE, SMTP, RAD, MAPI, and other versions of comms software.



AAH Meditel - GeHe (Worcs)

Jun 24 1997 – Dec 5 1997

Working on project for international pharmaceutical company in a team of 5 A/P's charged with the tasks of design, detailed design, coding, test-application design and testing.


Project: PharMed Comms/admin system to enable secure message transfer between Pharmacists and Surgeries. Some responsibilities personally undertaken were the design and build of the MS SQL tables and stored procedures, message parsing, out-of-process servers, central control software, auto-polling functions, and a proportion of the middle business-rules layer.


Environment: VB5, SQL Server 6.5, PDQComm, Access 7, Kermit, Unix, NT 4, Windows ’95, HTML, OOP, VSS, RAD, RDO, ODBC, and three-tier project structure.



AT&T Istel (Worcs)

Apr 24 1997 – June 1997

Worked to tight deadlines on this project in a team of 5 A/P's to design objects and build a complete administration system for a new loyalty bonus card scheme undertaken for Boots The Chemists.


Being highly object-oriented, with (32 bit) Visual Basic front-end and middle-ware (using ODBC) to an Informix database, the product was designed for high security in a multi-user environment.


Environment: VB4 & 5, Informix, PAF, Rational Rose, ODBC, Windows NT & ’95, and True Grid Pro.



TradaSoft Ltd (Cheshire)

Apr 7 1997 – Apr 21 1997

Peronally designed and constructed an OLE Automation server now being marketed, world-wide, under the name of PrintAGrid. This is a powerful tool for automating the printing of data reports from arrays, queries and/or grid controls without the need for templates as with, say, Crystal Reports.


It can automatically obtain column widths, alignment, captions, number of pages required etc. producing high quality printed material, vital to the smooth running of an efficient business.


National Computing Centre (Manchester)

Dec 1996-Apr 4 1997

Worked in a team of five to design and develop official (multi-lingual) Microsoft proficiency tests for MS Office Pro 95 and 97. System monitored candidate actions in these applications and issued certificates of proficiency (proficient or expert).


Main admin system designed to operate over the internet from central hubs located  in web farms in both Channel islands and USA. These provided authorisation and statistical reports to continuously validate the tests over a variety of platforms and other variable criteria. ('Digital', Alpha server on internet and LAN's, using VB4 Enterprise, OOP, ODBC, Access 2 and 7, Office '95, Office '97 etc.)

K2 Direct Mail (Manchester)

May - Nov 1996


Business Analyst - Programmer. K2 is one of the fastest growing mailing services in the UK.

Objective: To develop several specialist systems for fast data processing of multi-format client files to handle several million records (received via PSTN, ISDN, Tape, and Internet from Banks, Building societies, and other Blue Chips) to save time, and reduce costly errors, wastage, overheads and postal charges.


After the initial processing, to incorporate varied complex individual data, seeds etc., then format for process involved and send to appropriate production, samples and proofing queue. Also completed work on a multi-format file analysis utility.


Environment included VB4 Pro (32 & 16 Bit), MS Access, LAN, ISDN, ANADATA,

Paradox, OLE, Windows 95/NT/3.11, TrueGrid and Access Basic.



Kimberly Clark - Kleenex/Scotties etc. (Northumberland)

Feb - May 1996


Developer - Analyst Programmer. Developed a process control system to provide on-line product acceptance of tissue products.


The system monitored two machines, costing  £70 million, and 12 associated converting lines.


Up to 280 attributes and variables, monitored from each machine, were continuously analysed to control the process for maximum quality and efficiency with minimum waste.


I was asked to design and develop this new software, in 4 months, and to design and incorporate an internal E-Mail facility within the system.


Environment: VB 4E, with MS Access and Paradox on a LAN. Also utilised:  TrueGrid, Crystal Reports, bespoke time-dependant graphs, VSVBX, OLE Servers, DLL's, OOP and ODBC.





Nov 1995 - Jan 1996 (Kimberly Clark)


Developed Data Analysis system, processing Data from Tissue manufacturing process, to improve productivity and profit (using Statistical Analysis, regression, Std Dev's, graphs, fuzzy logic etc.), on LAN, from Paradox and Access tables.


Access Basic was used for the Project which manipulated data in both Access and Paradox tables, using ODBC.







Kingston Telecommunication Laboratories (Hull)

Aug - Nov 1995


Analyst Programmer - Designed and wrote a software system to provide calibration facilities to enable worldwide telecomms companies to verify their charging systems, which was becoming mandatory.


The system used a central server to send instructions to, and receive data from, up to 20 (world-wide) remote systems for each campaign. KTL designed and built the electronics which faciltated the synchronisation of all remotes to satellite time transmissions. The software also enabled licensees to incorporate multiple charging data into the routines providing the facility to compare competitive charges for each batch tested. It would therefore provide LCR information over any route. Further details of this work are classified.


Environment: Visual Basic Pro, MS Access, WAN, LAN, TrueGrid, VSVBX and comms.



TSB Bank (Sth Manchester)

May - Aug 1995


Business-Analyst Programmer - Designed a user interface for a project to enable the core banking system and 25 group mainframes (mainly legacy systems for Credit Cards. Telephone Banking, Insurance, Mortgages etc.) to use a new central Customer Information database for data integrity and Customer retention with added benefits of direct marketing purposes etc.


Interface catered for varying data formats of different Product Provider systems, screen compatibility with both PC's and B 26's and ensured varying sets of information changing rules were obeyed, checked for other dependant changes, and suggested sales opportunities when apparent.


System written for untrained staff to easily comprehend, and forced integrity and security checks on both new and existing data. Also allowed logical merging where duplicate data was concerned.


Environment: Visual Basic Pro, Access 2.0, Sybase, Unix, WAN, LAN. 



Austin Trumanns Group (Steelworks, St. Helens)

Mar  to May  1995


Analyst Programmer - To investigate existing paper based system, then design and implement Stock and Production Control System incorporating Purchase and Sales day-books & Stock Valuation, and a variety of reports.


This system was undertaken in Access Basic version 2, on a Local Network with facilities for Head office to down-load information via a Wide area Network.


Written for non computer-oriented staff, and included user training and supervision over the entry of opening balances.


Basic Environment: MS Access, VB, Crystal Reports, MS Office, LAN and WAN.



Jan '94 - Feb '95 TradaSoft Ltd

Provided Accountancy based software design and construction services to a variety of companies as a Sub-contractor for TradaSoft Ltd.


Environments: Visual Basic 3.0; MS Access 2.0; MS Word; PageMaker 5, Truegrid.



1991- Nov 1993  Municipal Mutual:

Employed as Regional Manager, building a new Company for MMI on a Share partnership basis.


Duties included: Locating and leasing new premises, recruiting and training staff, editing a Newspaper and designing software for office systems (Kilostream).




1979-1991 Hill Samuel/TSB:

Employed as North West Divisional Manager, based in Manchester.


Responsible, totally, for running 5 districts comprising a workforce of over one hundred sales and administration staff.


Computerised the Manchester office in 1983 and subsequently (over a three year period) designed and wrote the suite of software which controlled all sales and administration operations, automatic life assurance underwriting, client portfolio reports, individual and group statistics, standard letter provision, historical comparisons and a lot more. The programme serviced the needs of CLients, ADvisors and MANagers and was hence called CLADMAN. I later installed this in several other offices, where it was used successfully for several years.



Other Skills:

Passed Industry courses in Management, Commercial Finance, Mortgages, Offshore Investment, Equities and Unit Trusts, Financial Planning, Accountancy & Balance Sheets, Pensions (Corporate, Private and Self-administered), General and Life Assurance and Training. Plus hands-on experience dealing with employees and the financial requirements of large and small companies and Plc's.