ICL fails to Honour its Obligations


Some facts every IT Contractor should be aware of


As an Analyst/Programmer for over 15 years, I recently took on a Contract to do some urgent work for Knowledge Pool, a wholly owned training offshoot of ICL which is itself owned by Fujitsu.


Unfortunately, my Agent was also a wholly owned ICL company calling itself ICL IT Contractor Services.


I was taken on to do this job on the proviso that I would be prepared to work very long hours to pull Knowledge Pool out of the hole they were in.


After starting, I discovered that Knowledge Pool donít believe in time-sheets and none of the other Contractors used them. Also, soon after, the IT Manager was demoted without a replacement so there was no-one to sign or control anything.


I contacted my ĎAgentí and was advised to carry on working including the many hours of overtime involved.


After nine weeks, and not a few complaints, to both Knowledge Pool and the ĎAgentí, I had designed and built a fully generic Training Administration System which would cater not only for the Microsoft Accreditation programme they were undertaking, but also any other programme they were to undertake.


Still not having been paid any money, I was then asked to leave.


I was later paid for 236.8 of the 579 hours worked but, as I had no time sheets, they refused to pay any more.


Knowledge Poolís purpose in life is to train IT departments, of ICL and other companies, how to do their work more effectively. Their own was a total Enigma.... no manager, no admin procedures, no timesheets, no design specifications, no code reviews, the staff drinking most lunch-timesÖ.etc


The MD Stuart Kearns would make promises and mostly either ignore them or change his mind a day later.


You have been warned ÖÖ.Donít take them at their word.


To date I have done over 342 hours of hard graft ††-- ††for nothing



Stuart Bradbury