Goats Don't Shave



Goats Donít Shave deliver what has to be one of the finest and exciting sounds in Celtic Rock.

A truly cult band they have refused to dirty their playing fingers in the distasteful world of marketing hype, niches and target audiences.

Goats Don't Shave

Yet on their Irish tour they attracted audiences averaging over 2,000. In the States they pull in even bigger crowds and in the UK their last 40 date tour sold out.

Last year they played main stage slots at all the major festivals including Heineken Music Festival, Glastonbury, Cambridge and Guilford. They also headlined the Murphyís Music Tour two years in a row and have taken centre stage for Guinness and Cafferys throughout Europe.

Goats Donít Shave are the Biz! Energetic and lively with some great songs they never fail to leave an audience satisfied. From fantasy bop along songs to ballads highlighting the effect of domestic violence GDS have in their mists one of the world's most talented young songwriters in Pat Gallagher.

A cult band they may be, but walk into any of the Irish or Celtic pubs in Britain and across the world and all youíll be guaranteed to hear the bands covering many a Goat song including Las Vegas in Donegal, Evictions or Mary Mary.

Check out the sound clip now, or better still buy the CDs or come to a gig.

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You wonít regret it!

Why the name Goats Donít Shave? - Well donít ask, itís something to do with a boozer in a pub in Donnegal and hey they are Irish after all and the Poteen has it's effect!

Just some of the Press Quotes

"Quite Spectacular" Observer

"Kicks acoustic pop up the arse" Time Out

"Weíre the tinkers band" Pat Gallagher on themselves

"In Ireland Goats Donít Shave are a huge band, Itís time the rest of the world caught on"

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