Since 1992 I have been writing regular reports on OSCAR-11. Initially this was for AMSAT-UK's OSCAR News, and more recently I have posted them to AMSAT-BB.

These reports give an overview of the general status of the satellite and therefore they may be useful for users for the telemetry and WOD archives on this website .

These zipped files are very small, 10 KBytes or less.

The monthly news files have been archived into a single file for each year, and zipped for quick downloading.

If you find any errors in the archive, please e-mail me, so that I can correct them.

xxx@amsat.org (please replace the xx's by G3CWV )


John has very kindly supplied an archive of bulletins and other data captured from OSCAR-11 between September 1987 and August 1989. There is also an archive of bulletins and data captured from OSCAR-9 between February 1988 and September 1989.

These bulletins give a fascinating insite into what it was like before the days of the internet, when these satellites were a used to broadcast the latest news. The bulletins contain news about activities at the University of Surrey, and also general satellite news.

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