News and updates


Misha and Kittens: Last year we decided to breed from Misha and returned her to Devon. It all went well and she strolled through her pregnancy OK. Unfortunately we did not have a good first time experience - one kitten was lost at birth, and we lost the remaining two kittens after 4 and 6 weeks. They were extremely small and failed to is not an experience that we care to repeat!

Goodbyes: We lost Kalli and Rikki recently, both to old age - it doesn't get any easier when you lose a much loved pet.

Hellos: The house seemed very quiet.. just Marty and Misha, but we did not want another Korat, at the time, and trying another litter with Misha is out of the question presently, so we 'homed' a moggie.

{short description of image} New white thing! {short description of image}

This white bundle!

She is lively, friendly and affectionate, she absolutely adores Marty and Marty's tail....she is still making friends with Misha, who can be very aloof and puts 'white thing' firmly in her place, but they chase around the house when she forgets herself. We have named the new arrival Dot because she had a small black dot on her nose - its gone now though!

Bella in France!: We recently took Bella to France under the new Pets Passport Scheme - lots and lots of paperwork but it all worked and she was allowed back into the UK! We stayed in a Gite and Bella was excellent, well behaved and patient - it was a long drive and she had to spend a few hours in the car travelling. She enjoyed the beaches in Brittany and the long walks, and she saw lots of dolmens and megaliths! Her size caused a few people to pick up their small dogs though! She had to visit a local French Vet for some injections, but she was big and brave.

It worked so well we are off again in July.