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The CITB Competition of May 2001


Sandwick Team Wins the Local and Scottish Construction Challenge

Four of our pupils in S3 have beaten off other local schools from the North of Scotland, designing and building a surprisingly strong crane.

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The team first won a Shetland competition to design and build a bridge. Their wooden structure held some 90kg before failing.

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Through to the next stage, the team travelled down to Inverness to compete against another six teams from the across the Highlands and Islands. The crane design held 50kg during maximum load testing - the testers decided to stop adding weight as the structure was clearly well ahead.

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Now the crane (and the construction cup!) are safely back in Shetland. We'll be holding on to the crane for a while but not forever - the team are keen to test it to destruction.

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Other engineering and construction related projects in the school include the construction of a telescope and a hovercraft.

Plenty of maths at the paper and pencil stage[d] Construction showing the jib attached to the baseblock[d] [d] Early stages of testing[d]

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