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#AmIRC? What's that?

#AmIRC is an Internet Relay Chat Channel. Originally it was set up to help people with the program AmIRC which allows amiga users to use IRC. However now it seems that #AmIRC is really a channel where people talk about the Amiga, ask questions, swap programs and give help.

Mmm, So How do I get on it?

#AmIRC is a Channel on the Undernet. To get on it do the following:

Start AmIRC and chose your favorite undernet server. Then log on and type "/join #amirc" in the main window. (If you're not already there. :)

You will then be on #AmIRC.The best time to go to #AmIRC is in the evening (in europe), try from 1900hrs CET onwards. There are people from all sorts of places on #AmIRC, most of them are from from Scandanavia. And if you need some help then don't be afraid to ask.

The #Amirc users

Listed alphabeticly:

  1. Amiga22
  2. AmigaOne
  3. AmiOS
  4. ^Bradman^
  5. Bundi
  6. Corinthia
  7. Cyenid
  8. Dantalion
  9. Dayta
  10. Ferrengi
  11. [-Gamer-]
  12. Giraf
  13. Joebie
  14. JTUCK
  15. Lightning
  16. Live_Wire
  17. McBain
  18. McLeod206
  19. [-Musli-]
  20. Nixon
  21. N0dsy (#Amirc's only girl)
  22. Ogge
  23. ^Piri^
  24. Rafling
  25. _Raptor
  26. Rocambole
  27. RubberDuk
  28. ^RON^
  29. Shige
  30. StGenius
  31. TimeOut
  32. Tone
  33. TonyBoy
  34. WildBill
  35. [X-Man]
  36. Zerdyez

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