I can offer a marriage index search facility covering the following locations for the indicated years.

St Luke's Farnworth. Widnes. 1837 to 1897.

Number of Marriages 3996

St Michael's Ditton. Widnes. 1875 to 1942.

Number of Marriages 799

St Paul's Widnes. 1895 to 1911.

Number of Marriages 399

St Ambrose Widnes 1885 to 1920.

Number of Marriages 751

St Mary's Widnes. 1859 to 1907.

Number of Marriages 2994

All Saints Hale. Widnes. 1837 to 1934.

Number of Marriages 816


It should be noted that up until County boundary changes were implemented in the

1970's the above Church's were located in Lancashire and records deposited in the

County Record Office at Preston. Currently, records are located in the Cheshire

County Record Office in Chester.


All Saints Daresbury. 1837 to 1949.

Number of Marriages 998

Holy Trinity Runcorn. 1861 to 1933.

Number of Marriages 1242

All Saints Runcorn. 1837 to 1903.

Number of Marriages 5987

St Mary's Halton. Runcorn. 1860 to 1936.

Number of Marriages 491

Registry Office Runcorn. 1838 to 1898.

Number of Marriages 3197


The prefix ROR, Registry Office Runcorn, before a marriage reference does not necessarily mean that the marriage was conducted in the Registry Office. The prefix simply indicates that either the Church where the wedding service was conducted was not established or, that it was not licensed for marriage in either event, the Registrar was present for the ceremony.


Search Description:

One: Extract every entry of a given Surname from every location and issue a report of the findings. The report will include the Surname and Christian names, the year of marriage, the location, the precise reference number and the postal address of the Registry Office where full certificates can be obtained.

Two: Given a subjects full name, search the database for every entry of that name and issue a report. The report will give the same information as in One above, plus offering two opposite gender names for each entry, one of these two names had married the subject.

Currently we are enhancing our database commencing with St Mary's at Halton, Runcorn. When this work is complete we will be able to report the precise date of marriage, bride and grooms names as entered in the register, their occupation (if recorded) also that of their respective fathers and whether they were alive at the time of the marriage.

St Lawrence Church, Frodsham, Cheshire.

A complete marriage register is now available for this Church covering the period 1558 to 1812. Containing almost 5000 marriages the minimum information given is the bride and grooms name and the precise date of marriage.


RMS Lusitania.

Was your forebear aboard the Lusitania on that tragic day in May 1915 when she was sunk off the west coast of Ireland ?. The complete crew / passenger list can be searched and were they aboard, a report will indicate whether or not they survived. If a member of the crew their rank, if they were a passenger then the report will indicate whether they had booked, 1st, 2nd or 3rd class, booking point and nationality.


If you think that a forebear may have married at one of the above locations e mail address below indicating the family surname. I will search all locations and advise the number of times the surname appears.



Updated 26th September 1998