My main hobbies are craft based and I have had a go at many different ones, from most of the needlework ones like cross stitch, hardanger, patchwork etc., to stencilling, glass painting, bead weaving and recently enamelling and slip cast pottery.
Again I am fortunate in my job as I have easy access to books so usually borrow these and teach myself though I have recently started holidaying at a hotel where they specialise in craft activities and have the equipment available for the pottery, enamelling and glass engraving.




It is probably no surprise that one of the main things that I collect is “Dragons”. I am a member of the “Myth and Magic” Collectors Club and have over 30 of their dragon figures as well as several ceramic ones bought at craft fairs on whilst on holiday. I also have 3 that I have made using the slip cast pottery.

I also have a large collection of “Collectors Plates” which include 2 sets of Russian Legends and Fairytales, a set depicting scenes from the Lord of the Rings as well as the inevitable set with pictures of dragons.
My other failing is collecting anything which is remotely connected to the various crafts I am either doing or intend having a go at (better known to crafters as a “stash”) - this is rapidly taking over what is supposed to be my daughter’s bedroom when she is home from University.