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The Dragon Lady

Hi Thanks for dropping in!

Here follows a brief (well fairly brief) description of who and where I am...I am a slightly over 21 year old mother and grandmother living in the suburbs on the outskirts of Bristol. Not too bad a place to live really, plenty of shops, lots of history and very convenient for the motorways when you want to escape. Being on the outskirts we are fortunate that we have the best of both worlds with the city and the countryside both easily accessible. Whilst I am now quite happy running a small library surrounded with books (a definite boon for an avid reader like me); I think it is safe to say I have had a bit of variety in my working life. I have previously worked in an old fashioned corsetry shop, trained as a Nursery Nurse, worked in a travel shop and in a delicatessen and also spent several years as a clerical officer and receptionist at local hospitals. So it has been a bit of one extreme to the other and no it doesn’t make me that old.