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The Yukon Battery

2nd Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade (World War I)

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Early Life in England

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My Grandfather, Walter Carlill, was born near Hull, E. Yorkshire, England in 1886, the result of a liason between a shoemaker's daughter and the shoemaker's apprentice. Although he was initially in some sort of foster care, his father took on the resposibility of raising him.

Apprentice Wheelwright

levs.jpeg - 13Kb In August 1901 he had a certificate marking the completion of the First Year's Course at the Hull Central Higher Grade School of Science and later served his apprenticeship to become a Joiner and Wheelwright with Levitt's of North Newbald in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Grandad is second from the left.

Dawson City

Around 1910 or 1911 he made his way to Dawson City, Canada, as did many young men hoping to make their fortunes in the goldfields of the Klondike. daws.jpeg - 11Kb
traps.jpeg - 13Kb He did not make a fortune, neither did many of the others, but he did remain in the Yukon area, eventually becoming a trapper.

People in Dawson

Whilst out there he joined the Oddfellows, Dawson City Lodge and this photo may have some connection.
Grandad is the one with a rather short tie and open jacket, next to the man in the long fur coat.
grp1s.jpeg - 11Kb

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