Multi-Discipline Services

Engineering With Excellence

are at the Cutting Edge

of Multi-Discipline Services to the Heavy Industrial Sector for


Integrated Activities Include

Thermal Insulation
Industrial Scaffolding
Painting Services
Non-Destructive Testing Inspection

Within a single management structure

Engineering With Excellence are members of the TICA and ECIA and have a team whose experience and expertise in both Capital Works and Term Maintenance is second to none.

eWe are
  • A Company with a strong experienced management team within a young, dynamic and enthusiastic organisation

  • Flexible and able to adapt our structure to meet the various changing phases of new innovative arrangements, eg Alliancing

  • Strongly Independant

  • Further advanced and in-tune with Multi-Functional Multi-Skilling, with relative specialisation, than anyone

  • Our Customers first choice

Continuing to Engineer With Excellence