Introduction to 'The Bona Book of Julian And Sandy'

Julian and Sandy were first unleashed upon an unsuspecting public in April 1964 in a new radio show called Round the Horne. They reflected the new permissiveness of the time, and their irrepressibly irreverent high spirits made them instant favourites. The show itself was immensely popular, attracting an audience of around 9 million listeners per week, and in 1967 it won the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award for the best comedy script. Since then Julian and Sandy have become as much a part of the pantheon of radio's great comic characters as Colonel Chinstrap, Eccles and Bluebottle, and extracts from the show are still frequently broadcast.

The Introduction to 'The Bona Book of Julian and Sandy' (Robson Books)

Scripts adapted from the original award-winning radio show 'Round The Horne'

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