Cropredy 6X  


Press for Pictures!

<a drinking club with a woolly jumper problem>

Blue Line

the overall host



Saturday 9th August
11.00-12.30 hash time

Compère : Fag End

Fairport Convention (9.00pm)
with Fag End as GM, and Special Guests Spotty Dog as Hare

Spotty Dog ,Rainbow Warrior  Nikita from Elgin

M.le Merde   Jill ,Fag End Pecker and Off Roader from West London and The Horrors

Martini from Bridgewater 

Seaman Staines …from staines strollers ..only comes once a year 

Toady from South Herts 

On Bagpipes Apocalypse from TNT 

International visitor Steve  

Two virgins Sam and Amy (with a flour covered tan)

Some other hasher …cant read my writing

NOTE : The weather was the responsibility of the RA and Richard Thompson

THE BAR! WADWORTHS will supplied  the bar and the staff will be the usual smiling, cheerful lot, under Mojo's supervision.with FB on Beer Stop


Security for the event was supervised by Joker on Radio 


Email Address
For hash enquiries we now have an e-mail address :

Remove SOCKS to email


All enquiries relating to Fairport Convention, the Cropredy Festival and Woodworm Records, please contact : Woodworm Records, PO Box 37, Banbury, Oxon OX16 8YN
Fax 01869 337142
email :

But they wont answer anything about the hash


Please Note

The Hash is not organised by Fairport Convention (*)BUT you have to have a ticket to get into the arena

So behave as responsible Fairport Fans



 2002 Roll Of Honour 


Rainbow Warrior

Yorkie Porkie

Fag End

Fat Bastard

Seaman Staines


Monsiure Le Merde



Off roader was in plaster due to a child falling on her leg !

 Inaugural Cropredy Hash, August 2001




Pecker and Fagend (Hare and Co-Hare)    West London

Nikita and Spotty Dog                             Elgin

Skully                                                    Oxford

After Eight                                              Surrey

Toady                                                    South Herts

Tambourine Man                                     Bangkok

Robert, Bobby, Ken                                 Virgins




Fat Bastard                                            West London

Off-Roader                                              Nonsuch Horrors

Joker               (working!)                         Elgin




Mojo                                                       Yorkshire

Saudi, Sue and Rachel                             London

Wang                                                        ??


Down Downs:  (organised by FB)


The Hares

1 Virgin ( 2 having left early)

1 Overseas Visitor

3 Sinners (the locals objected to them running through the churchyard!)

1 SCB (I think it was Nikita - I was walking wih her)

2nd 1/2 for Tambourine Man cos he was thirsty!


Notable Incidents:


A run-in for Fagend with a local jobsworth regarding running through fields in the wake of the foot & mouth crisis gave rise to the neologism "to defracate".

sculey got her arm hit by a car !  ouch 


(*) Footnote  The hash is not organised by fairport but as most of Peggys mates have hashed at some time im sure they are aware of it !!!