Top Quality Tat

The holy grail of all sheddi

A satellite gallery of the Museum of Accumlated Things

Treasured tqt from sheddi everywhere, lovingly displayed for all to see...
Bob Goddard
An odd shiny bit of metal 20s torture device "Acme nipple sharpener" A device for calibrating trombones A phone grommet, and some cable tie ends (as toothpicks)
Ticket machine for commercial use of the Tardis Early sign showing Guy or Austin on a bike Man advertising spare tyres SPV and Man from Uncle cars The mummified corpse of a small Italian entertainer Marvin slumming it
More from Andy, a man of much superb tqt.
Lamp used to track Jack the Ripper Sneg protection 40s style Found under Andy's bed many years ago Lamps stolen from policemen during drunken revels Unpaid parking tickets Secondary plasmer igniter from NCC1701B
Even more! Is there no end to this man's tqt?!
Instructive sign for bike owners Described as "old" fossils Some string and a few other things Object: Purpose unknown Pornograph: Sadly no pornography exists to play on it
Preparations for the next millenium bug Early discumbobulator Skipfind Skipfind Skipfind Pocketfind!
Pop pop prototype
"hqt" Nuttalls thingus rqt Beats "Scouting for Boys" Aftermath of CIA "attack rat" experiments
Bob Harvey
Hassim's tqt pile
Austin Shackles
Austin's Megger Destructions Ready for hfr Data plate
Carl Williams
Bull scaring appliance Removed for cleaning Square and flashy Sneg extraction fan Coronet for squarehead Display stand for display
Plasticy things
Signed Thomas the Tank Engine books Elderly scissors Jam on the Range Ma might. Elderly dresser Deep and crisp and even
A tqtalanche waiting to happen