Essex Miniatures

Assyrians (700 BC, reign of Sennacherib)
Middle Assyrian (1365-745 BC)
BS-58 General in 2-horse chariot
BS-59 General in 4-horse chariot
BS-60 2-horse chariot
BS-61 3-horse chariot
BS-62 4-horse chariot
BS-63 Medium cavalry bowman
BS-64 Medium cavalry, javelin & shield
BS-65 Asharittu heavy infantry javelinman
BS-66 Asharittu heavy bowman
BS-67 Asharittu medium javelinman
BS-68 Asharittu medium bowman
BS-69 Hupshu medium javelinman
BS-70 Hupshu light/medium javelinman
BS-71 Hupshu bowman
BS-72 Aramaean javelinman
BS-73 Aramaean bowman
BS-74 Aramaean slinger
New Assyrian Empire (744-609 BC)
BSE-75 Geneal in 4-horse chariot
BS-76 Mounted officers or generals
BSE-77 4-horse heavy chariot
BS-78 Heavy cvalry, lance & bow
BS-78a Extra heavy cavalry, lance & bow
BS-79 Medium cavalry, lance & bow
BS-80 Medium horse archer
BS-81 Mannean heavy cavalry
BS-82 Guard heavy spearman
BS-83 Heavy spearman, long shield
BS-83a Heavy spearman, round shield
BS-84 Heavy archers
BS-85 Light/heay slingers
BS-86 Medium spearman, long shield
BS-86a Medium spearman, round shield
BS-87 Medium archers
BS-88 Foot officers
BS-89 Auxiliary medium javelinman
BS-90 Auxiliary medium archer
BSE-91 Cart with driver & 3 infantry