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These pages don't do anything fancy with html, and should work reasonably well with any browser, including those using 405-line ones. Most of the logos are inline jpegs though, which may confuse some old-time ones.

The above quaint paragraph dates back to the original 1995 site. I do use CSS for site positioning extensively, although tables are avoided as far as possible. Older generation browsers may now have a bit of trouble - but line ones should still work I think.

The ITW Logos

First ITW Logo Second ITW Logo Current ITW Logo

The first year's logo shown on the left was inspired by the original logo of ITN and the second by TWW's. Make up your own mind about the third and current.

The rainbow effect on the first two logos looks different according to what setting you have for colour representation on your browser. These logos may be used to indicate a link to this site, but should not be otherwise incorporated into other webpages without permission.

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