Hi, my name is Jane and I live in London, England, with my family. My husband, Tony,  runs the UK subsidiary of  ACS, Affiliated Computer Services who are based in Dallas, Texas. We have been married since '89 and have 5 year old twin daughters called Amy and Rosie. We live in a very typical '20s semidetached house in South East London with our cat called Mimi. It takes Tony about 40 minutes to get the office in Chelsea Harbour by car and 20 minutes by motorbike in the summer. The picture below of Tony was taken five years ago, he has a harrassed look and you can just spot the baby bottle in the background. He is a wonderful guy and as a Dad he is the tops, he changed nappies (diapers for you Americans!) with the best of them. He still does breakfast duty most days. And below is what our lttle darlings were like on a good day back then. Sweet or what?

The girls were born on August 23rd 1991 in Croydon's main Hospital, Mayday.  Rosie was 5lb ½oz and Amy was 6lb 9oz at birth. They were 4 weeks early and were delivered semi- naturally, with an epidural, forceps and 2 tanks of gas & air! We all stayed in hospital for six days and then with much trepidation in our hearts, we took them home. At six weeks old they slept  through. At nine months they stopped sleeping through, probably because we had been so smug with less fortunate friends. By thirteen months we had them under

control again, but had aquired industrial sized bags under our eyes.  The girls thrived and this is them now, aged five years and 3 months. They are good friends to each other but they have their own social circle in their class at school. Rosie is the one on the left, she looks more like her Dad, and Amy is a chip off the maternal block.
Recently I have returned to work three days a week working as a programmer  in London. I am using Dataflex and Delphi. I also work for my husband helping him out with database projects. For the school I edit the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)  Magazine and I have placed the last copy on the next pages as a slice of real English life!