It's The Amazing Web Site of Dr. Joe.

Updated Often!!!!!! 

Finally, I have decided to try and sort this chaos out!!!  Some task I agree.  Anyway this is just the beginning, so sit back, rest on the mouse and click on the few icons at the bottom to explore this site.

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Such is my generousity that I will allow you to do FOUR things from here!!!!!!

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 There is of course the link to the 'contribution' from my brother, Mr.Peter. 

Although it is fine, in a way, to have lots of little icons, there must be atleast one picture in the intro: 
What this little man wants you to do is click on him so that you can visit some of the more abstract parts of the site in the Mind of the good Dr.

Well, I will leave you with a quote which is close to my heart:
"Each morning you have to break through the dead rubble afresh so as to reach the living warm seed."
(Ludwig Wittgenstein - 1929)
Hope you enjoyed the visit.
23rd March 1997- Dr. Joe academic enterprises