Inside the Dr's mind.......

5 ideas of the Dr's to digest: 

1:  When first I set eyes upon the dark part of my Site that I dedicated to someone without a title, I was amazed.  He calles himself an academic, yet produces that!  Me thinks that any form of title must be out of his reach! 

2.  I was asked by 'feet' the other day if there was a life after death?  Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't often talk to 'feet', but I had to answer.  Because of the type of people asking, all that I had to say was that there was only one true way to find out, as nobody knows for certain! 

3.  Following the last point, I must say that there is only one way to treat 'feet':  Basically just to tell them what to do, and let them get on with it, BUT, in your time and not theirs! 

4.  This is not really an idea but alittle about myself.  In saying alittle, all that will be mentioned is that I am in study:  'I work, therefore I am!' 

5.  I will leave this page with just one quote that I believe is dedicated to the majority of the populace, "Some people talk simply because they think sound is more manageable than silence" - M.Halsey 

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23rd March 1997- Dr. Joe academic enterprises