List of Sites

On the most part, these are sites that I use and also would recomend for some forms of study and also for some general information.  I also found it right to put atleast one site of 'fun' in. (You can't be serious all the time!!!)

Political Sites:

1.  At the moment perhaps here in Britain, in light of the General Election the Website that I would recomend is the 
General ElectionSite 

2.  One site that is an important resource for looking at the gaovernments and the various groups associated with that government is the other political site that I will supply.  Its simply called Links to Government Servers and Information. 

I really don't need to reel off many more Sites for the Political side as there are plenty of links to be found in these.  There will be more sites to be added over time as I see more come up.  These are what I consider to be the most important at the moment. 

fun Sites:

There is only one that I use alot and that would have to be the JackNetShow Site Which is certainly worth a look for winding down.  For those of you who have not seen this then you have missed something in life.  It is a quiz show that is certainly worth
a look. 
Although this is a minimal list, there will be more soon, BUT when time allows!  Keep posted!
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23rd March 1997 - Dr.Joe Academic Enterprises