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Curriculum Vitae

Name: John Sigsworth Glover  e-mail:
Age: 49 Marital Status: Single 
DoB: 1-6-66

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Ph.D.  School of Engineering, University of Durham.
Thesis title: "The Hardware Implementation of an Artificial Neural Network Using Stochastic Pulse Rate Encoding Principles." 
M.Eng.  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Leeds.

Present Employment

1994-  Consultant 
Space, Defence and National Security, CGI

Current position: 

Galileo, Deputy Project Manager: Working within the Galileo program, firstly as part of the KMF component and thence the GSF component.

Recent significant positions: 

  • Secure Database Development Manager: Managed a 30+ strong development and test team for the implementation of a C# based high integrity project. The implementation stage followed a significant requirements and specification exercise conducted through a series of joint workshops between Logica’s design authority team and the customer subject matter experts.
  • FC BISA Project Manager: Working within the FC BISA project team, supported the developments of FC BISA, Fire Control Application (FCA) and Mortar Ballistic Computer (MBC).
  • DS2 SI Support, Project Manager and Consultant: Working with General Dynamics (UK) Ltd, I supported the JSIB (Joint Systems Integration Body) for the integration of the BISAs onto the BOWMAN/CIP infrastructure for the digitization of the Army to form the CBM(Land) capability. In particular, Logica is developing the FC BISA for the Artillery Systems IPT, DE&S.
  • ACOM, Project Manager: Working with Army Data Services (ADS), Blandford, I lead the development of an Application Programming Interface (API) on top of the Defence Command and Army Data Model (DCADM) generic database system.
  • AIM, Project Manager: Working in partnership with Hi-Q Systems, Micheldever, I lead the project to build the Army Interface Manager (AIM). The client was again ADS.
Multiple previous roles including: 
  • Project Management: I have managed several research projects which involve development upon a variety of platforms including SUN workstations, Silicon Graphics workstations and Windows NT/2000.
  • Bid Management: I have been involved with, and am currently managing, the generation of bids and proposals of various scales. The range of values of proposals has been from £10k to £2M. The areas of the bids have covered signal/image processing, concept studies, system development and research. 
  • Business Development: I provided support with Sales and Marketing effort to DERA.
  • UNIX Systems Administration: I provided expert support to assist projects with managing their UNIX platforms.

All project work I undertake requires close liaison with the client to develop the direction of the project to meet the clients needs and presentations to support ours and the client future project objectives.

Previous Employment

1989-1991  Research and Development Engineer (Acoustics). 
Strategic Research Group. Ferranti Instrumentation Ltd. 
I undertook research in in-air acoustics for the detection and identification of vehicles. I undertook several data collection trials to enhance the library of signature data available in acoustic, and infra-red signal processing. This work covered all phases of the trials from planning, development of specific trials equipment, conducting the trial and producing the post-trial analysis reports. 
1984-1989  Student Engineer. 
Ferranti Instrumentation Ltd. 


System administration for UNIX; SGI, SUN and HP.
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM OS/2 Warp, FreeBSD
Software Engineering:
Project Management, Rational Unified Process (RUP), UML Model Development, Use Case Development
Computer languages:
C, C++, C#, REXX, UNIX scripting (e.g. sh, awk), knowledge of Java, Perl, Pascal (Delphi), BASIC, Fortran and LISP
MS Word, LaTeX, Lotus WordPro

MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3

MS PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance

Project Management
MS Project

Rational Rose and Telelogic DOORS

Learned Society Membership

Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, MIET, Chartered Electrical Engineer. Membership No. 21155312.
Registered with the Engineering Council. Registration No. 423458.
Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, MIEEE. Membership No. 03506359,


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