Triumph Spitfire

The Triumph Spitfire was first produced in October 1962 and I am fortunate enough to possess a later mark, the Spitfire 1500. It a 'T' Reg (for non-UK readers it was built in 1979), it used to be used daily for getting me about and is not in concours conditions, but neither is it a complete wreck. Due to the mileage I undertake for my employer the Spitfire is now used for pure pleasure and a drive a regular Mondeo.

My Spitfire is suffering a little at the moment and is in need of some tender loving care. It is due for its annual health check so I am taking the opportunity to iron out a few niggles with the car.

The pictures below were taken some time ago when I visited my folks. I am sorry to say that after a move to a new house and acquiring a company car, the Spifire has been languishing idle. Fortunately, it is garaged which keeps the weather off it, but it has deteriorated a lttile since these photographs were taken.

I currently get most of the parts from the Spitfire from one of two sources:

Both suppliers have excellent catalogues and to date have provided a great service.

There is also a magazine, probably one of several, devoted to Triumphs of all descriptions Triumph World. An enjoyable read.

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Last modified 11 September 2005.