Wood Sculpture from Scotland.

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First some "human" links. I want first to express my grateful thanks to the artist Zigi Sapietis, who has been a great teacher and friend for many years. Much of what I know about wood and wood-carving has come from Zigi.  Thanks also to my friends in the Edinburgh Sculpure Workshop - I greatly value their comments, support and help.

Finally, thanks to Stuart McKenzie and Steven Haig for their advice and help in authoring these www pages.

Web Links.

The following  links go to other woodcarving and sculpture sites that I have found particularly interesting. But no guarantees that the links are all current!!


In my artistic journey I have built up a substantial collection of wonderful books. Most of these are valuable, but the following is a personal selection of books on carving, sculpture and other areas of art that I have particularly enjoyed. Back to Home Page.

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