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We do have more issues out after this one right now, the pic here is quite nice. Download the latest (no 24) from the Dead Hackers Society right now.

If you don't have an Atari of any description, you can download the ST version and use it on a PC under a program called 'PacifiST'.

Who are we?

Probably one of the most famous and long-lived diskmags to appear on the Atari ST (grin!)

Maggie is an independently produced non-commercial diskmag with an interesting past, enjoyable present, and (hopefully) active future.. Maggie had its roots in the demo scene of the early 'nineties, and quite a lot of coverage is still concerned with the activities of the present day demo makers and state of the art coders working on the ST, and Falcon, with anything of interest from the Jaguar sometimes included as well.. Maggie has broadened to take on quite a lot of other topics, and also features multimedia sections similar to ST News, quite a bit of humour, programming tips, games reviews, interviews and even more..

Where did it come from.

The Maggie Diskmagazine started life as the Lost Boys Diskmag, back in June 1990.. From issue seven it went back to Germany to become the plaything or property of German Demo meisters Delta Force.. From issue eleven, after they had given up, it came back to the UK where it remains in the hands of the present management until this day..

Just who are these Maggie people anyway ?

(Clue: CiH and Felice are the peeps at the left and middle of the picture)
The others have helped out from time to time, and are regular good contacts :-)
These people above both distribute Maggie through their PD libraries, Mike Goodman (left), Steve Delaney on the right.

Quite a lot of other people have helped out, from Mike Noyce and Kev Davies, through to Keefy, Tronic, Tony Greenwood, Jody Smith, Dave Hollis (ST+) and we've even had feedback from people in different parts of the world with the odd textfile or three. Many others have been involved in the past, but a complete list would need a Web Page all by itself..

So far, we have released 22 issues of Maggie, all of which have done well. We've also produced a couple of special issues, one is the famous 'Guide to Classic Videogaming' and the other, called 'Eezi-PC', is an anti-PC issue. This was released on 22nd February at the WAG meeting on that day and should be available on the 'net now.

Can I contribute as well (Me me)

Yes you can. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun..

By post and things (errm...ED) to..

     CiH/Maggie Correspondence
      26 Robinson Road
         Northants NN10 0EU

by E-Mail to.. or the address below.
(CiH is on email now !)

Anything sent by these routes will be gratefully appreciated and we guarantee a reply of at least 100% or thereabouts

For more info, please contact us on email or snailmail addresses above ! :-)

Where can I download Maggie from ??

It is possible to download some of the latest issues from the Dead Hackers Society website. Point your browser there !!

Very soon, a CD of diskmags will be released by Felice - probably in time for the next UK Atari Shows :)

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