"The Edge of Honor"

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Edge of Honor (as it is spelt in the actual film) is a fiction story based around a group of scouts who, during their camp in the forest have stumbled on some deadly weapons.

It is not very often that the same actors and actresses in one film work on another together, but this is what has happened with this movie - the two people are Corey Feldman and, of course, Meredith Salenger (they were also together in 'Dream a Little Dream', reviewed below).

The film also stars Don Swayze (Patrick 'Roadhouse' Swayze's brother) as one of the bad guys.

What happens mainly is that Butler (Corey Feldman) and two of his scout friends find, while they are out exploring, some weapons stored in a shed - that have been stolen by Ritchie (Don Swayze) and his gang of men. Of course, the gang don't like this, and, after a map leading to where the scout camp is found on the floor of the shed (where one of the scouts had dropped it) - the gang go to the camp and shoot some of the scout leaders and some of the scouts dead. Luckily Butler and his friends are not there - but they hear the shooting and, after meeting up with some of the young guys who survived the camp massacre, start to make their way through the forest to find help - but there is none.

The scouts stumble on a group of 'police' who really are some of the gang in disguise - after realising this the scouts are forced to dive for cover as someone starts shooting with a Kalashnikov rifle, hundreds of rounds at the 'police' and their vehicles etc.

That person is Alex (Meredith Salenger). Ritchie and his gang had stolen the weapons from Alex's brother Del, after he had them delivered by some friends of his. So, Ritchie found Del, shot him dead - and Alex's mother too, but did not find Alex anywhere - she was hiding in the wardrobe. After Ritchie had left, Alex grew so mad, she collected together her own weapons (including the Kalashnikov rifle) and made her way through the forest, joining up with the scouts during the middle of the film.

The weapons are eventually recovered, and the gang are shot dead or killed by other means by the scouts (who have devised some ingenious methods of getting the gang).

All in all, a fantastic film. Well done to both Meredith Salenger and Corey Feldman plus the others involved in this movie - it appears as though a great deal of thought went in to it.

Despite the rather negative press it got (with Corey being on drugs in the movie etc) this movie is well worth renting from your local video shop.

"Dream a Little Dream"



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This hilarious, riotous comedy stars, with Meredith Salenger, other top names as Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Harry Dean Stanton, William McNamara, Piper Laurie and Jason Robards.

Along with cameo appearances by other actors and actresses whose names I don't remember by now - hence I'll call them by their film names.

Bobby (Corey Feldman) goes to the local high school with his friends and - as is the case at most high schools - finds himself falling in love with his friend Joel's girlfriend Lainey (Meredith Salenger). The story starts with Bobby and Dinger (Corey Haim) confessing various secrets about school life to each other - with hilarious results to both guys! So, they go off to high school one day.

A few nights later Lainey has an argument with Joel (I think that he touched her in a place she didn't want him to) and was cycling home. Near the high school they all attend is a shortcut through someone's garden, and the older men who live here (Jason Robards and Harry Dean Stanton, with their wives) are angry that people walk through their garden with, apparently, not a care in the world. Anyway, Coleman (Jason Robards) is practising a dream- state with his wife - and during this Bobby and Lainey come running and cycling through the area respectively - with a collision that propels both Bobby, Lainey and Coleman into a 'dreamworld'.

This dreaming state means that, although in real life nothing appears to change (for now) it means that when Lainey and Bobby sleep in their beds at night, they are propelled into Coleman's garden, while Coleman tries to reason and explain to them that he would like to get back to see his wife (who managed to escape the earlier collision).

Anyway, things start to happen, and Lainey gradually stops thinking so much of her boyfriend Joel, and thinks more of Bobby. This is realised when Bobby does a 'Michael Jackson' style of dance to a song routine that Lainey is rehearsing to - this is an excellent sequence.

As we all probably know, all schools have their bullies - and this high school is not without exception. The school bully here was pissing Joel off so much that Joel was forced to get hold of a gun, and the excellently filmed sequence near the end of the film shows the school bully regretting everything he has ever done - with Joel pointing a gun at the bully's head.

However, Bobby comes into the alleyway where all this is happening in the nick of time - to save the bully from being shot - and all ends peacefully, with Bobby winning the love of Lainey.

Music plays often throughout the duration of this film - and this is superb - David Essex's rock version of his song 'Rock On' and another song called 'Dream a little Dream of Me' is also sung during the film - it is stunning and lovely to listen to.

All of the actors and actresses involved in the film - including Meredith Salenger, Corey Feldman and the crew  - do a fantastic job, making the film a comedy classic (well, it is in my book anyway).