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This is an unofficial web page dedicated to Walk of a Thousand Men, a Christian organisation run by the guy above, Daniel Cozens. In mid-1999 they have organised Walk Kent, a mission for the entire county of Kent. In actual fact, they are still looking for new people to join them as numbers are, at the time of writing (13 Dec '98) a lot less than was anticipated. Despite this, the Walk will still be going ahead.

The basic aim of the Walk is to share the gospel of Jesus with fellow citizens in Kent wherever you are, living on a simple basis (ie no cars, luxuries, MTV, Spice Girls, etc) - and hope (and pray) that we can at last turn this country round and point it back towards Christianity, as opposed to the pagan-style rituals that have eroded society over the last 20 or 30 years or so.  If you would like to take part, please feel free to email as they would love to have you sign up. Training weekends are still taking place at various points in the country, any emails of this nature containing your name and address will get these details sent to you.


Apart from the individual events, staff members would appreciate prayer for the ongoing issues indicated:-

Sun - Give thanks that over 200 churches throughout the whole of Kent are presenting a wonderful open door for sharing the Gospel through the Walk mission in 1999.

Mon - Peter is preparing the Walk leaders' conference during the autumn of 1998.

Tue - Tim and the office are facing the challenges posed by such an enormous Walk mission. Church liaison, literature packs, team-building, etc, etc ... the task is huge !

Wed - David is helping the churches at Standon and Rodbourne Cheney to prepare for missions early next year.

Thur - John is leadiing Alpha courses in the Huntingdon church plant through Autumn 1998 (Thursday evenings and Friday mornings) as part of the national initiative. He is also finishing the Walk Bible studies.


For more information, please contact the following:-

Rev. Daniel H Cozens, 73 High St, Coton, Cambridge CB3 7PL.

Tel (01954) 210239

Fax (01954) 211983

If you would like to share the Gospel with people, please consider prayerfully as well as carefully about getting involved. Even if you plan to visit England during the time of the Walk (MayJune 1999) and wish to share too, please get in touch !


Disclaimer: This page is not affiliated in any way with Walk of A Thousand Men, nor has it been approved by the organisation. Any communication carried out via this page is done at your own risk.