Carnival Street Band

Mally blows his trumpet

about us

We started out in January 1993 with the aim of bringing a new street band sound to the streets of Cheshire.

We try create a hot and tropical carnival atmosphere with the emphasis on energy and fun rather than musical sophistication, and we've entertained at many festivals, fairs, fetes, bonfires, processions and other events.

We're based in Sandbach, Cheshire, UK, though people travel from throughout the county to take part.

Our music is inspired by the music of Latin-America, Brazil and the Caribbean. We don't try to recreate the authentic sound of these types of music, but rather to get into it's spirit.

Dave blows his baritoneOur line-up is always changing, not just as people come and go, but also as people learn new skills and take up new instruments. Our current line-up includes trumpet, saxophones, accordion, sousaphone and lots of latin and brazilan percussion.

An understanding of the the rhythms is essential to the way we think about the music, and everyone in Zabumba is involved in playing percussion, regardless of what other instruments they play.

We play various styles including afro-cuban 6-8, baion from the North-East of Brazil, Trinidadian carnival calypso, slow calypso, conga habanera, the cumbia from Columbia, maracatu (from Recife, Brazil), salsa, samba (Batucada from Rio), Samba-reggae (from Bahia, Brazil) and Ska.

From time to time, we organise workshops with guest musicians, and collaborate with other community-based music or percussion groups.

what we play

weekly workshops

Even in the darkest, coldest hours of Winter, you can get the flavour Latin-America, Brazil and the Caribbean in Cheshire's Deep South.

Maybe you play an instrument, maybe not. All we ask is that you have a good sense of rhythm.

If you're coming to the workshops, find the big car park opposite the Military Arms on Congleton Road near Sandbach town centre .

At one end of the car park, near the fire-station, is Sandbach Library. There are two telephone boxes outside the library. To the right of these are some steps. Go up the steps and find the green door right at the back between the library and the brick building on the right.

how to find us


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telephone: 01270 760820

last updated 27 Feb 2000