Not much of a page at present, but that's because all the effort has been going into the pages to which it's a gateway. That's where all the substance is at present, and it's pretty varied substance!

Maybe when Michael, Fiona and Alison have finally finished doing their own things, they will get themselves together for long enough to provide an inspiring starting point (although we're a fairly individualistic household), but for the moment you'll have to delve deeper to find out what's there.

Fiona's sub-site is comprehensible, but be prepared for anarchy if you dare to enter Ali's world! Try them anyway.

For a bit more sanity (but possibly less fun, depending on your mood), you can also check out the MIDI files and music on Michael's pages.

Even if you find "organised religion" a big turn-off you might just be pleasantly surprised at some of the music.

since 17th October 1996