(A Folk-Style Song by Malcom Stewart on the Relevance of
the Crucifixion and Resurrection)

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Malcolm Stewart was a young guitar-playing Roman Catholic priest in the late 60s, and had a number of good songs published. This is one that has been almost entirely overlooked.

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Words (by Malcolm Stewart)

Say we’ve built a mountain of our losses,
topped them with a cross, and said:
"Well, now they’re dead",
Mmm, two thousand years - time to forget.
Forgetfulness is easy, O so easy,
but we’ve not learned loving yet.

Say that he was just an awkward incident
that happened on a tree,
on Calvary.
Mmm, two thousand years - that’s past and gone!
And perhaps the cross is just a crutch for
limping minds to lean their weakness on.

You’ve heard it said that God is dead;
two thousand years ago they said it too.
It’s nothing new.
Mmm, two thousand years has this been true.
And today the only cross that rolls away
to let him live is inside you.

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