(A New Hymn In The Making!)

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Something a bit different - this is a MIDI and score of possible music for a new hymn/song of approach to worship inspired by the Worship Mailing List maintained by the Worship Resource Center. The lyrics, however, still need a lot of work! A zipped file (16Kb) can be downloaded by clicking here.

The vision is of a "many-authored" hymn with finely-honed lyrics that will bring together all the different "feelings" with which we approach worship - reverence and awe, consciousness of sin, confidence in forgiveness, thankfulness and praise, desire for unity etc - something that bridges denominational boundaries.

I've had feedback from a few list members, but not enough to be able to refine and complete the hymn, so I'm throwing it open to all visitors! It would be great if something could actually be created by the Christian Internet community.

Love in the Lord,

Michael Lehr

The score below shows where I've got to with rough, working lyrics. If you would like to be part of further developments, please mail me at michael.lehr@zetnet.co.uk.

(Page One of 'We Approach Your Throne, Lord' sheet music in *.gif format)

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