A Rock Song Based on Matthew 16 v 24-26
with thanks to the Beach Boys for inspiration!

(updated 31 August 2008 with revised MIDI and MP3)

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This was probably the earliest song produced from within Reflection, and featured on our first recording, a 45 rpm single. Those were the days!
It's really only of possible historical interest now, but you can hear an MP3 of the recording by clicking here.

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Lyrics (by Linda Chapman)

Lord, I believe; what should I do
before I give my life to you,
before I find the way that I must go?

Lord, I'm so keen to make a start;
will you accept this useless heart,
and make it into one that's fit for you?

My son, you must leave all behind.
Don't look back, there isn't time.
You must get on if you want to follow me.

But what about my friends at home?
Can't bear to leave them alone.
Can't I just go back to say "goodbye"?

I know it's hard to leave them, son,
but if you hold back, you'll never come.
You must go now and then return some day,
bearing the marks of the crucified,
bearing the marks of the one who died -
that's if you want to live your life for me.

Well, Lord, you know how scared I am,
but with you by my side I can
face the world and tell them what I know.

It won't be easy at all to say
that Christ is alive in the world today,
but I can do it - yes, I can do it -
for you are my Lord,
my Lord, my Lord.

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