by Fred Kaan and Michael Lehr

(A Visionary Hymn with a Celtic feel to the Music)

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Fred Kaan has been a prolific and imaginative hymnwriter over many years, although generally in a fairly traditional technical style with rather traditional music. However, these lyrics were particularly haunting for me, and in Reflection we agreed that with a suitable musical treatment they could form a good climax to the "Question Of Caring" song-cycle presentation that we put together in 1981. Fred and his publishers agreed, and this is the result. It also possibly stands rather well on its own as a song/hymn in an appropriate setting.

You can listen to an MP3 from the "Question of Caring" album by clicking here.

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Words (by Fred Kaan)

Break not the circle of enabling love,
where people grow, forgiven and forgiving;
break not that circle, make it wider still,
till it includes, embraces all the living.

Come, wonder at the love that comes to life,
where words of humour are with freedom spoken;
and people keep no score of wrong and guilt,
but will that human bonds remain unbroken.

Come, wonder at the Man who came and comes
to teach the world the craft of hopeful craving
for peace and wholeness that will fill the earth:
He calls his people to creative living.

Join then the movement of the love that frees,
till people of whatever race or nation
will truly be themselves, stand on their feet,
see eye to eye with laughter and elation.

The words of this hymn are copyright 1975 to
Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, Illinois, USA (for USA and Canada)
and Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England (for the UK)
and may not be reproduced without specific permission except under the terms of the CCLI licence.

The hymn with its original tune by Doreen Potter is published in the UK in the Complete Celebration Hymnal and Hymns for Living

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