(A Family Worship Song by Donna Cheatham & Michael Lehr)

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I think this is basically a family worship song, and it doesn’t have any pretensions. However, I think it works reasonably well.

I met Donna at the Christian Songwriters Gathering in Townsend, Tennessee in June 2006, and she brought along some lyrics that she hoped someone could set to music. Well, I took up the challenge, and it happened quite quickly so that we were able to introduce it at the final praise evening a day or so later.

I don't have Donna’s original lyrics to hand, but I didn’t feel that they fell into the kind of format that’s easy for me to work with. So I adopted my normal approach with lyrics, which is to take as much as I can from the original but make sure there is a strong chorus. I try to make sure there’s a reasonably good melody, some rhyme and some interesting variation of rhythm. It seemed to work rather well with the folks there.

Originally Donna’s lyrics had the current verses as choruses, but I felt that the focus of the song was really “Child of the King”, so I made a chorus around that and put her original choruses as verses. I also moved some words around to put in at least some rhyme. Lastly, she had “I’m your child, Jesus” in somewhere, and I used that to make a simple rising bridge.

Mitch Townley recorded our musical offerings at the Gathering, so you can hear an MP3 download (3.7 Mb) of the first outing of the song (no rehearsal, one microphone and no technical wizardry!) by clicking here. As you’ll hear, I got lost in the middle with the scrappy bit of paper that I’d written the lyrics on!

I’ve also now done a MIDI file, which you should already be hearing above, and there is now another slightly more polished but less spontaneous MP3 version based on that MIDI which you can access by clicking here.




Lyrics (Donna Cheatham & Michael Lehr)

I’m a child of the King, a child of the King;
Was lost but now I’m found.
I’m a child of the King, a child of the King;
Was lost but now I’m found.

(repeat chorus)

You will hear me say,
You will hear me shout.
You will hear me proclaim
Glory to your name .


You deserve my praise;
I give it all to you.
Jesus, I will sing to you
Glory, hallelu ....jah .


I’m your child, Jesus
(repeat x3)

Chorus (x2 - second ideally unaccompanied)

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