A Vibrant Hymn-Song of Celebration by Tim Barber

(Written for the “Feast Of The Tabernacles” but equally excellent for “Advent” or “Epiphany”)

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This is one of a number of excellent songs written by Tim in 1996 for his church's celebration of the Jewish “Feast Of The Tabernacles” - a major annual event for them - but for me also strikes exactly the right note for Advent (and Epiphany if you change “Dawn is breaking” to “Dawn has broken”).

Take a look as well at his “The Prize Is Worth It All”

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Lyrics (by Tim Barber)

We're running, we're running, we're running through the fields,
We're leaping, we're leaping, we're leaping like the deer (hey!)
We're dancing, we're dancing, we dance with all our might
To celebrate the coming of the light!

We're laughing, we're laughing, we're laughing up a storm,
We're shouting, we're shouting, we're shouting to the Lord (hey!)
We're roaring, we're roaring, we're roaring at the night
To celebrate the coming of the light!

Dawn is breaking! Dawn is breaking!

Awake Oh sleeper! How long will you sleep?
Arise and greet the day!
Arise and shine for your light has come,
And the glory of the Lord has risen on us today!
The darkness, the darkness, the dark will soon be past;
The morning, the morning, the morning comes at last.
And we stand on the hilltop, our faces shining bright,
To celebrate the coming of the light!

Tim can be contacted at He's written many excellent songs,
all of which are covered by the Christian Copyright Licensing International licence for churches.

This song (and others equally good) are on his privately-produced cassette,
"Let Your Kingdom Come (Songs for the Feast of Tabernacles)" - well worth a listen.

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