(A Modern Hymn for the Dedication and Blessing of Children, or General Use,
Based on a Prayer of St John Chrysostom)

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Richard Seel, a close friend and Reflection member, adapted this prayer for the Dedication and Blessing services of his own children,
and I adapted it further and set it to music for those of my daughters.

The sheet music doesn’t completely reflect the rhythm of the second line of the verses, but the MIDI file does.

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Out of nothingness you called all things into being,
The sustainer and renewer of all created things.

You created man from dust of the earth
In your own image and likeness;
You breathed upon him the breath of life,
Endowing him with grace.

Out of nothingness ....

Then let us rejoice for God has made
Created things divine.
The impulse of life is awakened by him,
Emotions, mind and will.

Out of nothingness ....

Your power rules with limitless scope;
Your knowledge fills us with awe.
Beside it all of our wisest men
Are ignorant and dull.

Out of nothingness ....

Alone you give us, earthbound as we are,
The freedom and peace that we seek,
Transforming sadness to limitless joy
In living out your love.

Out of nothingness ....

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