(A Hymn-Song for Times of Trouble)

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Although worship should always be God-affirming, it needs to be honest. As in the psalms, there are times when we all need to cry out in despair. The affirmation is that God in Jesus has shared that despair, and remains faithful even when out of sight for a time.

So that is what attracted to me to one of the first sets of lyrics that came to me after I joined the internet community in 1996. Although the lyrics weren’t “finished”, David Stewart seemed to have captured a psalm-like essence. With some help from my long-time collaborator, Peter Casey,we turned it into this song.

('Don't Let Me Walk Alone' sheet music in *.gif format)

Lyrics (by David Stewart, Peter Casey and Michael Lehr)

Don't let me walk alone,
Lead me in the path of righteousness.
Don't let me walk alone,
Take my hand,
And when this world is dark
Then I'll know that you are there.
Don't let me walk alone,
Answer my prayer.

(Verse 1)
I see my time slip away,
Now I look death in the face.
All I've worked for crumbles to dust in my hands,
Yet you reach for me.

Don't let me walk alone ...

(Verse 2) Even though darkness of night
Hides you from sight for a time,
You provide me riches that kings never knew,
And you strengthen me.

Don't let me walk alone ...

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